ACC GT3 Earth Tour (SILVER) S8 – PC

Dario Barzaghi

Lobby Settings

Practice Lobby Name: ACR [Earth Tour GT3 Practice] League Server, Password: acrpractice (This will be unavailable on race day)

League Lobby Name:
 ACR [Beginner, Bronze or Silver] League Server, Password: Password to the lobby will be posted at that time in the private league chat of that league in discord.

Session Information:
 Practice 30 minutes, Qualifying 15 minutes and Race 60 minutes timed. Practice will begin at the time stated in the schedule.

Ambient temperature: 22C
Weather: Clear. currently set to (0/7) for randomness  (Rain set at 0.0) ) and (cloud is set at 0.2)
Practice: 12:00pm
Qualifying: 13:00pm
Race: 14:00pm or specified in League calendar.
Session Day: P & Q Saturday Race Sunday in game.
Time multiplier: x1, practice x1, qually x1.
Mandatory Pitstop: 0

The event is finished.


Apr 21 2021


8:00 PM

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