Pro League Racing WTCR 2022 – Season 3

Frank Van Roon


The following RaceRoom packs are needed to take part in the series:

WTCR 2018 – 2019 – 2020 – Esports Edition Cupra – You only need to purchase the vehicle you want to use.

Various tracks – see league schedule

Each Round will feature the following format:

Practice – 30 Minutes (Optional) – Morning


Qualifying – 10 Minutes – Noon

Race 1 – 20 Minutes – Afternoon

Race 2 – 20 Minutes – Sunset

Top 8 drivers from Race 1 will be reversed for Race 2

You MUST be a member of the Pro League Racing Discord to participate. This is so we can assign your role to the relevant league chat channel.

Incident Reports
All race incidents will be reviewed by our independent stewards board, after taking all evidence into account will decide on which punishment if any is necessary. Their decision is always final.

Submitting a Report:
For all incidents you wish to appeal, video evidence must be sent to the league host/administrator in a private message. Also, please fill in the incident report form on the Pro League Racing Discord #incident reporting channel to make sure your complaint is logged. This will then be reviewed to decide if a penalty is to be applied.

You have two days from the race finish to report any incidents with all supporting evidence. Any incident reported outside of this will not be investigated. If you don’t send evidence or don’t fill in the form then nothing will be done. We won’t go searching for incidents. We trust that if improper conduct occurs that the relevant parties will report it to admin.

Penalties: Pro League Racing uses a licence system to record driving standards and general behaviour. If deemed necessary drivers will be penalised for infringements. Penalties and licence points are specific to the league they’re issued in and do not rollover to new leagues.


The event is finished.


Mag 11 2022


8:30 PM - 6:00 PM

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