GT3 Season X

Split 2: Pitcik e Khoroshavin

  • 1.1 Points system
    • Instead of the top-35 drivers receiving points, only the top-30 drivers will receive points. The point system is adjusted accordingly.
  • 1.2 Hotstints
    • For this season we will use Brands Hatch and Nurburgring as our hotstint tracks. Instructions on how to do your hotstint(s), can be found on the sign-up page(s).

      All drivers are expected to complete both hotstints. Three consecutive valid laps is the requirement for a valid hotstint. Drivers are allowed to repeat this process as often as they want to.

  • 1.3 License points
    • Previously a driver had to collect 50 license points before their position in the league was put under reiew. This has now been changed to 40, due to the lower amount of races in this season.
  • 1.4 Maximum amount of license points per event
    • Collecting at least 25 license points during one round, will automatically result in a race ban for the next round.
  • 1.5 Stewarding
    • In rare cases where the stewards think 5 license points for a minor is still too harsh, they can now decide to give 3 license points to a driver instead.
  • 1.6 Patreon
    • AOR ACC is now on Patreon!

      In the past we used a PayPal moneypool to give you the possibility to support us with the servercosts on both the PC and PS side of things. Since PayPal decided to shut down the moneypool functionality and service, we started looking for a place where not only you could show your support – but also a place where we could give you something in return. That’s why we decided to join Patreon. You can now become a supporter (also known as subscribing) and pick one of the four available tiers. Based on which tier you pick you get something in return. Examples: a supporter role in Discord, polls for future events and leagues To find out more about our Patreon page or to subscribe, please click HERE

The event is finished.


Mag 31 2022


8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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