Friday GT Sprint Challenge – Season 6

Another season of our Friday championship is here! Who will be crowned the champion before we head for the summer break?

We go back to all races being 60 minutes with a drop round implemented from this season to help mitigate missed or troublesome races and so give everyone a better chance of success.


Default – Top 30  (May vary per race)

Pre Qualifying Information

Format – Hotlap

You are required to sign up to the championship.
You must drive atleast 5 VALID lap/s on EACH Track with the same car to be eligible for championship participation.
The laps do NOT have to be consecutive.
Your fastest combined time from a single car across all tracks will be determining your split and class.

You are not allowed to change your car after pre-qualifying has ended.




Stewarding & Signouts


Live race control reports: PRO
Post-race website reports: 24 hour window post-race
License Points

Maximum race license points: 6 (May vary per race)
Maximum championship license points: 12
Signouts & No Shows

Drop Rounds: 1
Maximum allowed signouts: 3
No show penalty: Discord removal & temporary suspension

The event is finished.


Mag 06 2022


8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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